Performing Arts/Exhibition

– Samsung Leeum Museum, Kids Lab <Book.Kids.Leeum> Arts Education Program (2021-Current)

– Project Yiyin x Kim Won Young <Becoming Dancer> Art Stand, Seoul, KR (2021)

– Post-Covid19 Survival Meeting for Independent Producers and Artist Leaders in Asia [Oolong Tea Camp] (2021)

– [Ilmin Museum] <1920 Memory Theater The Gold Rush>Exhibition – Lee Yanghee Limbo Project, <Club Gros-Câlin>Performance Series – Lee Yanghee, Kim Shinrok, Lee Yunjeong, (2020)

– [ARKO Creative Academy Series- Dance] Songhee Song <Naturally> (2020)

– [ARKO Creative Academy Series- Dance] Yejin Kwon <And Inside There Is Nothing But A Heart> (2020)

– DDP Open Curating vol.14 <Chaeknuna Project: Little Big Stories>Exhibition and Events, Seoul, KR (2019-2020)

-<SIDance, Seoul International Dance Festival>, Seoul, KR (2017-2019)

-<Married to Art> Exhibition, Gallery Luminaire, Seoul, KR (2017)

-<HOTPOT: East Asia Dance Platform>, Seoul, KR (2018)

-<Castaway, Pyo-Ryu-Gi>, Experimental Dance Project, Seoul, KR (2018)

-<Nordic Culture Festival>, JCC Art Center& Creative Center, Seoul, KR (2017)

-<Chaeknuna Project Book Auction Party>, Booktique Nonhyeon, Seoul, KR (2017)

-<Chaeknuna Book Concert, Vol.2>, aA Design Museum, Seoul, KR (2015)

-<Chaeknuna Book Concert>, Jongro Samcheng Street, Seoul, KR (2014)

-<CoDance, International Comic Dance Festival in Nowon>, Seoul, KR (2015)

-<SIMPRO, Seoul International Improvisational Dance Festival>, Seoul, KR (2014-2015)

-Shanghai EXPO International Chinese Arts Competition <Mulan>, Shanghai, CN (2012)

International Exchange

Korea-Greece-Japan Emerging Artists International Exchange <Movers Platform #3>, (2022)

-[PAMS] Performing Arts Market in Seoul (2020-2022)

Tanzmesse: Kim Wonyoung x Project Yiyin (2022)

–Yokohama Dance Collection : Choi x Kang Project (2023)

Aerowaves Europe x KAMS Connection: Greece-Japan-Korea collaboration: Mover’s Platform #3(2022)

– Seattle International Dance Festival 2021 – Goblin Party (2021)

– #Danceless HK: Unlock Dancing Plaza x Choi x Kang Project Collaboration, (2020-21)

– [PAMS x SPAF] PAMS Choice: Goblin Party <Silver Knife>, Choi x Kang Project <Complement> (2019)

– Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Modeun Company <A Goliath in the Water> (2019)

– Flora Theatre Festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic <Korea Focus> Program: Kim Sunghoon Dance Project <Green Eye>, Goblin Party <Silver Knife>, Choi x Kang Project <Complement>, LEE K. Dance <TWO> (2019)

– Goblin Party Europe Tour 2019 <Silver Knife>, <Landing Error>, <I AM GOBLIN> at Fabbrica Europa(Firenze), Mosaico Danza Interplay Festival(Turin), Festival Il Inequilibrio(Castiglioncello), Cross Festival(Verbania), INFANT Festival(Novi Sad, Serbia) (2019)

– Staatstheater Darmstadt in Germany <Korea Fokus>programme: Art Project BORA <Tail Langugage>, Goblin Party <Once Upon A Time>, Noname Sosu <Silentium>, Melancholy Dance Company<Flight> tour, Darmstadt, Germany (2019)

– Tokyo Zokei University + Dance and Media Japan, International Dance Film Festival 2018-19: <PungJeong.Gak(風精.刻)_ A Town with Blue Hill>

– Seoul Dance Film Festival 2018_ Liaised Ingmar Bergman <Through Choreographic Eyes>, a dance film directed and produced by Fredrik Stattin

– Macao Rollout Dance Film Festival 舞蹈影像展: <PungJeong.Gak(風精.刻)​_From Sewoon Plaza to Nakwon BLDG​>, Macao (2018)

– Goblin Party <Silver Knife> Aerowaves Spring Forward 2018 Tour, Bulgaria (2018)

– Jeon Misook Dance Company <BOW> STEPS Festival 2018 Tour, Switzerland (2018)

– Noname Sosu <Silentium> Festival Villaggio d’Artista, Italy (2018)

– Ambiguous Dance Company <Body Concert>, Noname Sosu <Silentium>, Melancholy Dance Company <Flight> : “Korea Dance Night” at Sziget Festival, Hugary (2018)

– Momuro Movement Lab <Between>, International Tanzmesse (2018)

– Goblin Party <Once Upon A Time>, Taiwan Dance Platform (2018)

– Seattle International Dance Festival 2016 (2016)

Stage Management/ Direction

-Original Musical <Notre Dame de Paris>, Sejong Arts Center, Seoul, KR (2013)

-<Woyzeck>, National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul, KR (2012)

-<UMF, Ultra Music Festival Korea>, Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, KR (2012)

-<R16 Korea B-Boy Competition>, Olympic Hall, Seoul, KR (2012)

-Arts Council Korea Presents: Solo Performance <So the Arrow Flies>, Ihaerang Theater, Seoul, KR (2012) _Subtitle Operator/Translator

-Musical <Without You> by Anthony Rapp, KT&G Art Hall, Seoul, KR (2012)

-New York Parsons Dance Company Tour <Remember Me>, LG Arts Center, Seoul, KR (2011)

-Italy Original Musical <Mission>, Sejong Art Center, Seoul, KR (2011)

-Kpop Band Asia Tour <CN BLUE>, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore (2010)

-Classical Music Festival <2009 Ditto Festival>, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, KR (2009)

-Musical <Lion King>, Charlotte Theater, Seoul, KR (2007)

-Original Tour <Cirque du Soleil, Alegria>, Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, KR (2007-2008)

-Dongguk School of Drama Production Series, Ihaerang Theater, Seoul, KR (2007)